INTERN BLOG: I was on air!!!!!!!!!

I was on air!

I walked into the studio one morning and David Brody told me that I was going to go on air to talk about my obsession with pomegranates and my passion for learning with the hosts of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. He told me that Elvis loved my story about eating pomegranates every day for eight years. I couldn’t believe that not only had Elvis read one of my ideas for show content, but that he had also liked it. Although terrified, I was also extremely excited to share my story. I couldn't sit still for the next hour or so as I awaited my time to go into the studio.

When I heard them announce my name on air, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. I ran full-speed to the studio, where I was greeted by encouraging smiles from everyone in the room. They were all so warm and friendly, which helped ease my nerves. It was just like having a casual conversation with old friends, if your friends are famous radio hosts. Greg T showered me with compliments (He’s the best!) and Elvis even told me he would love to be my friend. I enjoyed the conversation so much that I didn’t even realize that sixteen minutes had passed since I had first started speaking to everybody in the room. I didn’t want to stop talking.

My family members and friends called me all day to say that they had heard me on the radio. I even had a glimpse of fame once Kathleen posted a picture of me in the studio to the show’s social media accounts. My Instagram blew up; even strangers messaged me to say that they had enjoyed the segment. Later that day, I uploaded the Daily Highlight to YouTube, which happened to be my chat about intelligence from earlier that morning. I couldn’t stop smiling all day. A huge thank you to David Brody for giving me the chance to live out one of my childhood dreams, as well as to my mother for buying me my first pomegranate.

Hopefully you can hear more about my crazy life on the show sometime soon. But for now, keep up with me on Instagram

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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