Today is International Women's Day! As if we really needed a specific day to celebrate all of the incredible women in our lives and our history. Well, just in case you want to shop in celebration, here is a list of ----- companies giving back to various lady-lovin causes! 

Let's start with my personal favorite, which ALSO happens to be offering a 20% discount with keyword "ELVIS" at checkout.....


I own 5 pieces of jewelry from Satya- the quality is incredible and their style is so sharp and elegant! This month they are featuring an EXTRA special piece, a gold plated necklace for EQUALITY! 

100% of all profits from this $69 piece support the work of the Heroica Foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls all over the world through education and media. So ONLY use the discount if you really want to hahaha feel free to pay full price for this awesome cause!!!


I am currently wearing 4 of these bracelets. I just ADORE Little Words Project and what they stand for, check out their entire line of charity bracelets!


Femme AIN'T Frail, people! Currently wearing this $30 shirt as I write this article!!! Feminist Apparel is an awesome fashion company that wears their boldness on their sleeves.....literally (dad joke, takes bow).

When you check out their site, you can shop by item OR shop by cause! Support whatever suits you best!!!


We are big fans of Kiehl's over here! Right now if you purchase their $32 Kiss for the Cure butterstick lip treatment duo, 100% of profits will benefit Bright Pink and breast cancer education programs!


SO smitten by these adorable $30 pendants from the ResistWear collection at WITZ! Available in an 18" or 20" chain, a portion of these proceeds go to Planned Parenthood NYC!


Be loud be proud! 20% of profits from this $7 tote will be donated to support the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program in the US!


We are EMPOWERED! $5 from every Empowerment Bracelet purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Xoxoxoxox, SAM





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