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#WhatsTrending: Spice Up Your Regular Foods!

Foodie or not, we all have our staple dishes! Sometimes we're on a time crunch and need to grab a quick slice, a cash crunch and need to stick with scrambled eggs and ramen, OR a health crunch and prep grilled chicken with steamed broccoli! Whatever the reason, our regular meals can get pretty bland. 

THANKFULLY, I have come across a company prepared to (inexpensively) help us battle the meal mundane! Stocked Kitchens is a pantry brand that sells unusual spices, seasonings, oils, and rubs. My very favorite, being their $5 "Everything On Everything" blends!

These guys basically bring the beauty of an everything bagel into your kitchen, in 3 various flavors:

The Dill Blend has really kicked up my breakfast egg/avocado game. And the Spicy Blend is so good I basically just stick my tongue in the jar! Is it weird? You bet. But so good!!!

Stocked General features a whole bunch of items and a whole mess of value-buy-combos, so go check them out and see what your pantry is missing! 

Xoxoxoxox, SAM