INTERN BLOG: Holy Shmowly

Hi you guysss! My name is Alicia – like the Keys but a little less elegant. I’m a new intern at the Elvis Duran Morning Show, and i’m thriving as expected. Ever since I was little, my mom and I would listen to the Elvis Duran show on the drive to school. I didn’t even realize at the time I was interested in radio, but as my love for it grew stronger I just HAD to find my way to work at the first show I listened to.

Let’s kick it off with some fun facts. I can wiggle my ears, I’m Brazilian, and my favorite bands are One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Wonder Years, although Ed Sheeran will have my sad girl heart forever. That being said I’m always between seeing pop extravaganzas at MSG and hitting up metal concerts in NYC. (The only thing cutting off my edge is momma not wanting me to get tattoos and piercings yet!) So, as you can see my music taste is a little everywhere, and I’m an avid user and abuser of exclamation points!

There’s always so much going on at the Elvis Duran show I’m in a delightful daze most of the time. The first celeb I got to meet was TROYE SIVAN.

Let me tell you I wasn’t ready. I’ve been following Troye since he was on YouTube fangirling over Tyler Oakley, but then there I was having to guide him and his posse up to the studios and try to seem cool. I introduced myself twice because I was so star struck, but it’s okay I’m working on it! The other intern Joe and I were snapping each other to fangirl during his performance.

I’ve even seen the likes of Darren Criss and Justin Timberlake! How many people can attribute that to another day at the office!

I love everyone here so much. Yaritza always has my back and from my first day she was giving me the low-down like I was Cady Heron and she was Gretchen Wieners. Shout-out to Brody for always busting my chops because I can’t help but have a goofy grin slapped on my face at all times, and real talk here, I’m still excited to be putting faces to voices that have accompanied me on everyday car rides to first days of school and graduations.

Greg T was the first of the hosts I met and he was so loud and funny he helped calm down my jitters. Then, for my entire first month Danielle would come in chatting and always with a doughnut that she wouldn’t actually eat but just try to pawn off on someone (usually Skeery, poor Skeery). Then slowly I met everyone else and they were just so kind and lovely that I can’t believe what I’m doing is actual work. From talking yoga with web girl Kathleen and taking tips from hers’, Sam, & Bethany’s rocking outfits I feel like I’m not only learning radio, but hanging out with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met!

The good vibes never stop at the Elvis Duran show and I’m just as excited to share my crazy, and hopefully not, but probably-embarrassing run-ins with the show & its’ guests!

From Alicia-Not-Keys, do what you love! Especially if that means listening to the Elvis Duran Morning Show!

Instagram & Twitter: @alliicampos

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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