The Reason Why Dan + Shay Are Huge 'This Is Us' Fans

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Country stars Dan + Shay stopped by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to perform their new single, "Tequila," live on-air, as well as a breathtaking cover of Ed Sheeran's hit song "Perfect."

The duo admitted to Elvis Duran that the real reason they are excited about the big football game coming up... It's all about the highly anticipated episode of This Is Us that will air on NBC right after! 

Turns out Dan + Shay like to write songs the day after getting all the feels with their favorite TV fam, the Pearsons. 

"It's amazing song conversation. When you go to write a song the day after 'This Is Us.' You always get a good song. It's really good stuff," Dan Smyers said bout his This Is Us addiction.

"People want to feel something. Even if it's a sad emotion, feeling something kind of reminds us of our humanity a little bit," Shay Mooney told us. 

Right now the country BFFs are working on their fourth studio album while balancing their new married/family lives! Shay got married in October 2017 to Hannah Billingsley alongside their 9-month-old son, Ashey James. And Dan married his longtime love Abby Law, in May 2017, after dating for more than 3-years. 

Check out the video interview + live in-studio performance with Dan + Shay below or listen to the full audio interview on the Elvis Duran iHeartRadio On-Demand Channel

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