Well, I did it.

I survived my first week at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show! I actually have to pinch myself everytime I say that to make sure it’s real. I’ve only had three days of work so far but so much has happened.

First of all… Hi I’m Intern Amy :) I’m a junior (weird) at Pace University and I’m studying Communications and Arts and Entertainment Management. I have a sick obsession with Harry Styles, I enjoy reading rock music biographies and my favorite movie is The Goonies.

My first day at EDMS was last Thursday and boy, what a day. Camila Cabello came in for an interview to promote her new album (‘Camila’ out now on iTunes, get it) and was nice enough to take pictures with everyone afterwards! The whole train ride home I was texting all of my friends saying how we hand-hugged. After the interview, Brody aka the best boss evaaaa (I know you’re reading this) took me on a tour around the studio and office and we just so happened to bump into John Leguizamo. WHAT. He shook my hand and wished me luck. I refrained from screaming out “I LOVED YOU IN ‘CHEF’”. I am a #professional.

Day two of the internship and I have learned so much already- prepping the studio, going through emails, using Audacity for airchecks and Protools (still in the learning phase). After completing my daily tasks, Brody had me, and Liv, the other Tuesday/Thursday intern, create questions to be used for an interview with Darren Criss AND questions to ask Joe Gatto of the Impractical Jokers. Trust me, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m working here.

And lastly, today. I was the only radio intern in and was so frightened I would royally screw everything up. Shoutout to Yaritza for helping me through everything from the phone calls to emails to life- you’re the Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy came in today to promote their new album and of course I sat at my desk staring. This place is so surreal.

Truly, I don’t know how I got so lucky to be here but I am counting my blessings everyday!

Intern Amy is here to update you on all things Intern Amy.

Stay tuned, you never know what’s going to happen here!

Twitter: @amy_deee | Instagram: @amy_deee

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