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Producer Yaritza Gets Real About Breast Reduction Judgment

We're loving Yaritza's inspiring post about getting a breast reduction and all the positive ways it changed her life! 

This isn’t the most glamorous picture. This isn’t for instagram praises. This is for the girl who thinks that she needs to look a certain way just because “that’s what’s sexy”. This is for the girl who feels like it’s unfair that she feels horrible about the size of her chest because she’s “so blessed”. I wasn’t going to post sh#t about my breast reduction, but after seeing how horribly people are treating @amberrose for wanting to get a breast reduction I needed to say something. You don’t have the right to tell anyone how to feel about the way they look or even how they feel cuz seriously?!?! My excruciating back pain was unbearable!!!! The way I felt while bathing suit shopping (actually shopping in general) was depressing!!! I needed a change. I’ll always thank @radiodaniellemonaro for introducing me to Dr. Zweifler because she changed my life. It’s only been 5 months and it’s changed my life by 1000%. Anyway, this post was just to tell y’all love yourselves and if that means getting a #breastreduction, #breastaugmentation, etc F*CKING DO IT!!! ❤️ I’m more me now than I’ve ever been & yes, self love can involve surgery too ❤️