INTERN BLOG: I Worked Z100's Jingle Ball!

I. Am. Speechless. When I was 13, I wrote three things on my bucket list: work at a concert in some way, go backstage at a concert, and sit front row at a concert... and I got to do ALL THREE.

The day started at the Z100 Jingle Ball preshow at Hammerstein Ballroom. Jake, the other video intern Leanna, and I divided and set out to get various shots of the venue, crowd, and sponsors. Fans were lined up around the block to come into the preshow, it was so exciting! Being able to go backstage and interact with artists like WHY DONT WE (sweetest boys ever) and MAX was pretty awesome. It was rewarding being able to interact with all of the people that attended the event. They were so excited when I asked them if they wanted to be featured in a video and immediately struck pose for my camera. Jake, Leanna, and I all had walkie talkies with ear pieces so we could be in constant contact with each other... I felt like a secret agent.

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At around 4:00, Jake told Leanna and I that we were also coming with him to Madison Square Garden to shoot the main show and I swear I almost cried! Shoutout to Jake and Brody for making that happen because it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Walking into MSG I had butterflies in my stomach! I was so excited and nervous because I knew all of my favorite artists were going to be in one place. Flashback to the best day of my life meeting NIALL HORAN and of course, the first dressing room I saw was his. Acting totally calm, we passed by his dressing room, and as we are walking, he opened his door and came out! I had to physically grip the equipment I was holding tighter so I wouldn't drop anything as we smiled at each other. What were the odds that he would have stepped out of the room in that exact moment? He must have known his future wife was walking by. ;)

We set up out equipment in the artist gift lounge and I didn't know how my day could get any better. As I am quietly doing my job backstage, ED SHEERAN walks into the room two feet away from me. I quietly gazed over at him even though on the inside I was FREAKING OUT. Then, I hear Niall's laugh and he walks in too! To think, just over the summer I was just casually obsessing over Ed and Niall's music actively wishing I could meet them and then now I am backstage working at Madison Square Garden and they are just casually hanging out while I work... CAN YOU SAY GOALS.

About a half hour into the show, Jake, Leanna, and I had finished filming everything backstage we needed to get and Jake surprised us AGAIN and told us that we could go enjoy the show for the rest of the night as long as we filmed the jumbotrons at certain times. I wound up being able to watch the show from the FRONT ROW. During LIAM PAYNE'S performance, his music briefly cut out and I told him "it's okay you're amazing!" He stopped dead in his tracks, pointed at me and said "NO, you're amazing" into his microphone for all of MSG to hear. I thought I imagined it. Yaritza confirmed that it actually did happen. I am not sure my life could get anymore exciting than this. Thank you to Jake, Brody, and everyone else who gave me this opportunity, I can't wait to start editing our videos!

Check out some of my favorite pictures I took:

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