If you're reading this, it's because I finally made it to the end of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show internship. I smile because I can now wake up at 12 pm and eat breakfast at 3 pm. However I also say this with a frown because I will miss how energetic a 6 A.M. can be. One of my favorite memories was walking down the "Elvis Duran Halloween Fashion Show," with all of the awesome interns and picking up the phone to hilarious listeners. So yes I made it through the semester, but I want to share with you all of my "dopey" moments at the morning show.

For starters if Brody asks you "how was your weekend?" and you say "good," please expect to explain why your weekend was so good. I had many brain farts where I would say "good" and I couldn't explain why because I would forget about all the partying I did that weekend. There were also multiple times where I would write out the birthdays of each giveaway winner like March 13th, 1976. instead of 03/13/76. Yeah, that's not so short and concise.

Let's not forget the first time I ever did "Top of the Charts," and I failed to notice that the artist said a curse word over 5 times in the chorus. Thank goodness, I had another intern look over my work, or else I would have never noticed that the word being said in their language was actually derogatory in our language.

All of these small "dopey" moments have built me into an individual who now has experience at New York's #1 Hit Music Station, and not many people can say that. One of the last things I'd like to mention is that I am so grateful for this opportunity. And yes Yaritza, I used spell check to spell "opportunity." I've built such beautiful memories at the morning show from dancing down the hallways, to making funny "SnapChat" videos with Yaritza and other interns. A huge thank you to Brody, for showing me that even a rookie can blossom into... I don't know.... I guess, something better than a rookie.

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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