Do You Have Selfitis? Take The Quiz!

Everywhere you look... YOU SEE THAT PERSON'S FACE!

Turns out people who post incessant selfies might have deeper issues. According to a new study, people obsessed with snapping pics of themselves all the time have a genuine disorder.


A paper published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, by psychologists Mark D. Griffiths and Janarthanan Balakrishnan, says that selfitis an authentic medical condition.

A "Selfitis Behaviour Scale" was developed by surveying 400 participants, and it evaluates just how badly someone is suffering from selfitis. Generally, those afflicted, are seeking acceptance, looking for confidence, trying to conform to social norms, are competitive with their peers, and/or looking for a mood booster from comments on posts.

On the low end, those with selfitis will post selfies 3 times a day and those with extreme selfitis will post 6 times a day. 


Here's how you tell if you have selfitis:

The higher your score (the highest is 200) the greater the likelihood that you suffer from selfitis.

  1. Taking selfies gives me a good feeling to better enjoy my environment
  2. Sharing my selfies creates healthy competition with my friends and colleagues
  3. I gain enormous attention by sharing my selfies on social media
  4. I am able to reduce my stress level by taking selfies
  5. I feel confident when I take a selfie
  6. I gain more acceptance among my peer group when I take selfies and share them on social media
  7. I am able to express myself more in my environment through selfies
  8. Taking different selfie poses helps increase my social status
  9. I feel more popular when I post my selfies on social media
  10. Taking more selfies improves my mood and makes me feel happy
  11. I become more positive about myself when I take selfies
  12. I become a strong member of my peer group through selfie postings
  13. Taking selfies provides better memories about the occasion and the experience
  14. I post frequent selfies to get more ‘likes’ and comments on social media
  15. By posting selfies, I expect my friends to appraise me
  16. Taking selfies instantly modifies my mood
  17. I take more selfies and look at them privately to increase my confidence
  18. When I don’t take selfies, I feel detached from my peer group
  19. I take selfies as trophies for future memories
  20. I use photo editing tools to enhance my selfie to look better than others

SCORING: Responses are rated on a 5-point Likert scale: (5 = strongly agree; 4 = Agree; 3 =Neither Agree or Disagree; 2 = Disagree; 1 = Strongly Disagree). Scores are summed. Thehigher the score, the greater the likelihood of selfitis



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