Check out Skeery’s LG OLED TV Journey for the Serious Watcher!


What an amazing fall season it’s been for me. I discovered the clearest, sharpest TVs money can buy. The LG OLED TVs won awards and I had to see it for myself.

From checking out the serious watcher theatre at the Cinema House they built in the middle of the street outside the Garden. the day I got one installed in our Elvis Duran Show green room 

Then I went to check out the Black Friday deals they were running to get one for myself. 

That got me reflecting and daydreaming about buying one for everyone I know. 

The moral of the story? LG OLED TVs are bound to put a smile on everyone’s face and is the perfect holiday gift. They’re the most advanced, unrivaled & the clear leader in home television electronics. Thanks for watching! 

To find out more about my favorite LG OLED TVs check them out at!

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