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I write this blog as a simple heads up to the three people I get to read this that this is my formal proclamation that Niall Horan and I are bringing the One Direction gang back together in 2018. My bags are packed and my hair gel is already being shipped. I mean this radio thing was just a backup plan anyway if my boy band aspirations didn’t take off. Well, actually, he didn’t exactly invite me into 1D specifically, or really speak to me at all if we are being honest, but I did creep in the background long enough outside of the studio to grab a picture and forget how to speak any human language when I met him. 

I thought maybe we could discuss how much we both dig golf or try to impress him that my last name is Brady and that’s pretty Irish too, but this window of opportunity was here and gone quicker than I could even say “St. Patrick’s Day.” I was never a strong believer that these heartthrobs could have every girl in the world shaking and hyperventilating just by walking through the door, but when he started singing I was just about ready to shriek every lyric then pass out, in that exact order.

 I shot a few tweets at Niall letting him know I’m ready to call up the rest of the boys, I think he is just taking his time, he does have this new album to promote right now and I totally understand that.

So Niall, if you are reading this, I’m on the next flight out, just let me know dude. 

If it’s not Niall, it’s another celebrity or experience that adds another amazing memory to this internship. It’s only been about a month as an Audio Production Intern, and no two days are the same. As I swipe my ID and make my way onto the elevator to head up to the studio, I find myself taking a moment to appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity this fall semester. Just the last week or so, I have even assisted in the pumpkin carving competition that was seen on Facebook live. Everyone at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show does an amazing job to make us feel like we are part of this family and has made me feel nothing but comfortable at this point. I mean when I signed up, I definitely did not see myself participating in a onesie fashion show, but I did, and survey says, I crushed that runway. 

I can’t predict what the upcoming weeks will bring, but I know that it will be incredibly exciting and I will learn a lot in this field of radio.

P.S. Niall, just hit my DMs when you get a chance about when our first tour date is, I just have to check with my mom if I can go. Thanks.

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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