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#TopicTrain: Haunted Hook-Up, Complicated Costumes and Halloween Hate

OVERSHADOWED BY HALLOWEEN: Are you affected by Halloween? Is your birthday like Froggy's and is on Halloween? Halloween overshadows your birthday! Boo Hoo...

ARRESTED ON HALLOWEEN: Can you imagine a jail full of people dressed up in costume? So what were you wearing when you were arrested?

HOOKED UP IN A CEMETERY: It's so spooky! A cemetery at night! Have you ever hooked up with your significant other in a cemetery?

EXPLAIN YOUR COSTUME: What is it?! What was your costume supposed to be and nobody knew it?

HATE HALLOWEEN: We love Halloween - Danielle loves it more... but you're sorry, you hate Halloween! Really? How could you? Why do you hate Halloween?

MET WIFE/HUSBAND DRESSED UP AS: How lucky did you get? Did you meet your significant other on Halloween? What were you two dressed up as?

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