Easy Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

IT'S HALLOWEEN YOU GUYS!!!! If you're like me, you love dress-up and have your costume ready by August. BUT I have so many friends who don't make solid plans, and thus don't have a solid costume ready in time for that last-minute decision! So I teamed up with our girl Dina to bring you 4 easy looks that you DON'T have to clothes shop for!!!!

Would You Like A Balloon?

"IT" was the hottest horror film of the year, so it only makes sense to go out as Pennywise this year!


Black Face Makeup / White Face Makeup / Red Face Makeup


-LATHER your face in a thick coat of white pant (cover up those eyebrows)

-Line your eyes in black, dramatically overlining the bottom and bringing up to a cat eye, blend at the bottom

-Sketch thin eyebrows that start at the top of your own brow and end at your temple

-Thinly line your top lip with red, and thickly line the bottom! Bring your lip down an extra amount in the middle!

-Starting from above the start of your eyebrows, create small red thin triangles, then drag them down to the apple of your cheek and connect at the corners of the mouth

Unicorn Fabulous

I'M A FRIGGIN UNICORN!!!!! Who doesn't want to be this mythical creature this year?!?!


-Cone shaped styrofoam from craft store, decorate with clay or paint and glitter / Bright colors for eyes / Assorted face glitter / Gems for accent / False lashes


-Apply regular face makeup

-Use bright colors for eyes and pink for cheeks, OVER applying!

-Apply highlighter on in inner section on eyes and over the blush, OVER applying!

-Put on them fake lashes

-Apply random gems on the side of the face with lash glue

-Tease your hair up top and wrap it around the cone, using a zillion pins to lock it in place! SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY!

Classic Skull

Keeping it classic with this awesomely creepy skull, and it's super simple!


BlackFace Makeup / White Face Makeup


-Later your face in a thick coat of white makeup

-Use the black makeup to draw a circle around your eyes, INCLUDING your brows, and fill in

-Draw thick/long lips that extend to the cheek, and draw imperfect lines as teeth spaces, use a brush to blend it out to add that shadow look

-Black-out the nose and oval holes on the sides near the jaw line, add cracks throughout, and blend blend blend!

Zombie Glam

I LOVE this zombie glam! It's a total classic.


-Liquid Latex and Fake blood (Amazon or costume shop) / Dark brown and black eye shadow / Cotton balls or paper towels / Regular face makeup


-Apply regular super-glam makeup on one side of your face. You want to over dramatize!

-On the other half, paint the liquid latex where you want to show gashes/ skin falling off, let dry, apply more on top, let dry

-Cover zombie face in foundation

-Carefully peel up the sides of your latex to show the rot/gashes. The more the gorier!

-Paint the insides and lining of the gashes with brown and black shadow, and top it off with your fake blood!







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