INTERN BLOG: Bethany Almost Killed Me!

...just kidding, she did not almost kill me, it was just a close call!

 If you were listening to the show last week you might have heard about intern Deanna and her deathly peanut allergy.. that's me! I had mentioned to Jake about my nut allergy (in a nut shell...get it..) because it is always so awkward for me to tell people to put things away that they are eating just because I am allergic. It's awkward enough on planes and buses, but at least I don't have to talk to those people ever again if they get annoyed with me! I felt so guilty telling Bethany to put away her overnight oats, but felt more guilty not telling her. I hate the attention drawn to this stupid allergy, I just want everyone to be able to eat everything freely around me! I am so careful with my allergy, I literally tell strangers at bars, I don't know what I was thinking not making a general announcement. Everyone knows now and I learned to never be intimidated about something this serious...crazy how many different lessons you learn from one place!

Two weeks in a row I was on air... am I dreaming? Never have I EVER thought that I would like my peanut allergy. Well, I was wrong. Talking about it with people who you have looked up to for years made me like it a little bit more! When Brody yelled my name my heart skipped a beat because I thought something was wrong or that I was in trouble. Turns out they just wanted to talk to me on the show about my allergy! They even Instagrammed me in the studio on the Elvis Duran Show Instagram, I have to admit, I felt a little a famous. Especially after I left the studio and checked my phone and had tons of texts from people saying they heard me on air! To be honest, I cried happy tears when I took the train home.

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