INTERN BLOG: OMG I’m always behind on these things!

Hey, everyone, it’s your girl, Intern Jamie!

You can call me Jame, J, or, thanks to Brody, you can call me “Deetz.”

So, this is my first time interning here at The Morning Show, and I’m extremely excited! Like some of the people here, I’m from Brooklyn—born and raised. Shout outs to the best borough (don’t tell me otherwise). I’m double majoring in Television & Radio and Journalism at Brooklyn College, and I’m in my first semester of my senior year. I just can’t get out of Brooklyn, I guess.

Hold on! I mean… a senior…already? It’s scary how time flies! I grew up listening to this show and now I’m spending my mornings with everyone! Although, this time, I’m not in the backseat of my car complaining about not wanting to go to school. Now, I’m on the trains complaining about the MTA—but what can ya do?

Sure, all of that may sound cool and whatever, but I can feel myself boring you already (how hard is it to write about yourself, am I right?). So at the risk of doing anything like that, like, “Oh, my favorite color is purple yada, yada, yada,” I figure, let me skip the whole biographical-narrative route and just tell you the ten most random facts about myself.

Get to Know Intern Jamie: 

10. I wear my hair in a bun almost 95 percent of the time.

9. I’m also used to writing in AP style (if you caught that from #10, then you know what I mean!)

8. I can almost never finish my drinks—coffee, water, you name it! (I can always finish Sangria, though.)

7. Lucky number 7! If I ever step in dog poop or if a bird poops on me (both has happened), I’ll most likely say, “Oh, at least it means good luck!” Still waiting on that.

6. I’ll make the weirdest noises, and I’ll sometimes talk to you in an accent you may not even understand. I love impersonating celebrities, characters, artists, all of ‘em! (Marisa Tomei from “My Cousin Vinny” and Cher are my favorites.)

5. I’m known for saying, “I’m sorry!” I once bumped into a chair and apologized to it.

4. I’m the Arts Editor for one of BC’s newspapers, “The Excelsior.” I also have my own radio show this semester, “The Loud Mouth Show.”

3. I’m Sicilian and Puerto Rican. My heritage is extremely important to me!

2. I have two adorable nieces, Ava and Lily!

1. My parents are my biggest supporters, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here (of course), but I also wouldn’t understand the values of hard work, what it takes to be a loving, caring person, and many, many other things.

Just a ‘lil some-some about me!

Thank you, all, for reading this blog! I’ll keep you posted on what’s new, of course!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@jamiecelesteee) and/or Twitter (@Jamie_Celeste).

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