INTERN BLOG: I've been an EDMS Intern For A Month!

I’m Zoë Leid 

but you can call me Intern Zoe. I am proud to say that I made it through my first month as an EDMS intern. Now, I’m not saying that because this is an extremely difficult job. Although it does have its challenges, everyone that works here is very kind and supportive. I feel accomplished because not only have I met everyone but I am actually working alongside them. Prior to getting the job, when David Brody asked about my school schedule, I went through several stages. 1. “He might be considering me for the job,” 2. “No, he’s just asking to be nice,” 3. “Mom, Dad, is this seriously a possibility,” and 4. “Pinch me, there is no way he is still emailing me back.” I somehow worked hard enough, prayed hard enough and emailed hard enough to get the opportunity to be an intern this semester.

I grew up listening to the show in my father’s car every morning, so I had an idea of what goes on here but I did not know how surreal it would be. I woke at 3:00 a.m. on the morning of my first day with a big smile on my face. I was super excited to take the train from the first stop in the Bronx, all the way down to Tribeca. Well, things did not go exactly as planned. All of the trains were not running in my neighborhood so I had to walk all the way back home and wake up my dad to get a ride. I ended up getting to the station one hour early but I was excited to be the first face Garrett would see that morning. If you thought the train situation was bad, I think one thing I was not prepared for was to meet everyone on the show. I knew I would see them but I didn’t realize how I would react. As Garrett walked me down the hall to Yaritza’s desk, Greg-T ran by and said “Hey, welcome aboard, what’s your name?” I said “Zoë Leid” and smiled and as he went back to the studio I nearly passed out. I’m like wait, did I really just meet, this can’t be real”. Yeah, imagine how happy and nervous I felt the next week, when I finally got to meet Elvis! I’ll save that story for my next blog.

As the day progressed, both Brody and Yaritza taught me and the other interns a lot of the interesting parts of the job. Sad to say, I had never used Pro-Tools before but after two lessons with Brody, I felt like a pro. I’m currently working on remembering to press the unmute button and not having to call him every hour to remind me how to change the sound board. Yaritza taught us how to use Audacity which has become my new obsession. We use the application to do ‘airchecks’ which is basically re-listening to the show and searching for particular commercials that came on. I know I sound super-duper nerdy but there’s something relaxing and soothing about listening to Elvis, Danielle and Bethany talk about products.

Overall this has been a great way to start off my senior year. I know that is a job but we all treat each other like family. It is a nice feeling to be excited on the mornings that you have to go to work. It’s also great to know that I will learn something new every week.

IG: @zoeleid

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