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I religiously believe in "manifesting my dreams." One of dreams was to intern for the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. As of September 11th, it's official...Mom, I made it. 

The morning of I was expecting to wake up to the MTA working, but that's like asking for a New Yorker to say "thank you," after you explicitly held the door for them. I decided to take my car from Queens to Tribeca thinking that I could find parking. Ha, think again! All the free parking spots were over 2 miles away and I was now laughing at myself because I really thought that I could find a spot. Alas, I settled for the parking garage even though David Brody warned me that they were a bit pricey. 

When I entered the z100 studio, it struck me that I was finally here. My discombobulated morning couldn't compare to the amount of joy I felt when I met everyone behind the #1 radio station in NYC. 

What made my day all the more special was when Z100 took the time to remember 9/11 and the families affected. I felt an immense amount of unity in the air and felt extremely grateful. It was clear that Z100 strives because they make it a priority to build personal relationships within every topic discussed. 

I was able to work alongside Web Girl Kathleen and The Morning Show, while also observing Yaritza's daily routine. My day consisted of editing audio clips, mailing out t-shirts, and answering the phone to our listeners. The best part of my day was actually seeing the whole Morning Show while they were live. It was surreal, because all of these years, I was listening to Z100 in the car with my sister, laughing over Greg T's stunt of the morning or the replay of a brilliant phone tap. Not to sound like a creep but now I'm actually watching them speak and experiencing what a radio show is like.

Overall I look forward to learning more about the ins and outs of radio, but also building connections to better my knowledge on how to expand my audience!


“You can be humble, Kendrick Lamar, but I have to be honest,” as stated by Kelly Clarkson, had to be one of the most relatable quotes of all time. Although, I am not a mother of two I can relate in the sense that being honest is the best way to leave a conversation without any regrets. In the most admirable way, Kelly Clarkson expressed her dislike for both pregnancies. When I think about having a child, a small part of me locks itself into a hole and throws away the key. Does no one realize how absolutely amazing and scary it is to grow a human being? Either way Kelly Clarkson looked fabulous! Besides her actual performance giving me goosebumps, what really “shook” me up was when she paused all the interns, and asked “wait, what are all of your names?” My eyes lit up because she is the same singer my sister and I would mimic whenever we heard“ Walk Away” on the radio. She was also the same girl I was rooting for when she competed on American Idol. You don’t ever expect to meet the celebrities you watch on TV, because the odds of you passing paparazzi or security are virtually non-existent. However when you do, your whole perspective changes. Kelly Clarkson broke all of my beliefs that fame can ruin a person’s personality. When she entered the studio she was throwing compliments to every side of the room and you could see that her energy filled The Morning Show with so much positivity! On a funny note, I need to get used to the VIP concerts because I have a tendency of getting star struck when I meet a celebrity. Even when I met Elvis Duran outside of Tribeca Studios, I was so star struck that I didn't even reach to shake his hand, I immediately went for a hug!


Guys I’m on Z100’s Instagram Live!!! Okay... it is one thing to be able to intern for the most popular radio show in NYC, but it’s another thing to actually be apart of its social media. Yaritza had this marvelous idea, to create “Millennial Rant,” so that all of the interns can share their first world problems and thoughts on pop culture. For our first episode I introduced the idea of sharing your relationship with your friends. Do you select who you choose to tell about your love life? 

The audience was loving the energy Allie, Yaritza, Alexa, and I had in the room. We even touched based on what it takes to be a millennial, and we figured out that it isn't "DVR-ing" shows and wearing thrifted slacks from the 60's. Turns out that my age has finally saved me from something! It usually never helps to be 20, because you're in this weird stage where you can say I am an "adult," but then people laugh because you can't buy a beer. Either way “Millennial Rant,” is definitely a project that will bring in the younger crowd! It not only tackles dating advice but everyday issues one may experience in New York City. 


The world’s deadliest shooting happened on Sunday, days after the iHeartMedia Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. With over 200 people injured and 59 dead, it’s no wonder this was one of the hardest shows to listen to. Instead of The Morning Show going as planned where we start off with horoscopes, we skipped straight to the breaking news! Usually the show is all about making fun of Greg T, or laughing harder because of Danielle's laugh. However it was different this time around, Elvis had to turn around the show and create a platform where he can calm the listeners with his personality. It turns out that the topics are not what makes radio come to life, it is the host behind the topic that executes the oxygen to the heart of media. 

It also showed me how connected the audience is with Elvis and the gang, because there were many callers who wanted to discuss how they were coping with the recent tragedy. Most importantly there were listeners who were concerned about how they should talk to their kids about the Las Vegas incident. I personally feel that when it comes to talking to children about dangerous situations, we must be as realistic as possible. In this case, we have to tell our kids to be aware of their surroundings and to also exert love and positivity to others. We must teach the next generation, the steps on how to properly love and care for others. The Morning Show does exactly that by giving back to the community with collaborations, like Feeding America.

On a lighter note, while I was taking calls I ran into a listener named Steven, that had also heard about Feeding America and local food banks. He expressed that food banks do not only help the homeless, but sets food on the table for those who are temporarily disabled . While I put this caller on hold to continue taking other calls, I accidentally pressed “Enter,” not knowing that it would transfer his call on air! At first I was fearful but as soon as I heard Steven say his story, I knew it fit perfectly into the topic of discussion. Steven was able to share how thankful he was for his local food bank and how important it is to explore and help out any local food banks in your area. In the eyes of an intern, I took a chance without actually knowing I took one!


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