INTERN BLOG: Taste of Fame

So... I think I might be famous?

Last Thursday, I went to the Morning Show’s Summer Bash! The interns got an email about two hours before the event from Brody that said “Sorry for the late notice… I forgot to invite you all to the smash tonight!” Thanks for thinking of us Brooklyn boy… we’re touched.

It was super last minute, but I was not going to miss out. Even if I had to show up… alone. Fall Out Boy was performing and I heard rumors there was going to be an open bar (I’m 21. Calm down, HR.).


So I showed up solo to the Bash and I was FREAKING out. I spotted Producer Sam hugging listeners and a fan bawling their eyes out after getting a selfie with Greg T. I think they were happy tears… no one can be sure. My coworkers were freakin’ stars tonight and I did not want to interrupt.

Luckily, David ‘Sorry for the late notice’ Brody found me panicking in the crowd. He was chatting to a group of girls and said, “Ladies, this is intern Sarah. Did you hear her on the show this morning?”

That morning I had gone on air to talk about going on a date with a 37 year old, having a crush on my therapist, and my psychologist/psychiatrist parents.

“Of course we heard her! 37? Really?”

They told me I was really funny and they wanted me to be on air more - ya hear that Elvis? I answered questions about interning and gave them the inside scoop about EDMS. (The inside scoop was very unexciting… basically “Everyone is just as nice as they seem on air. Maybe nicer!”)

I even convinced one of the ladies to apply for the internship! (You all should. Everyone should.) Afterwards, I asked if we could take a selfie. I had just had my first taste of fame and I wanted to commemorate it...

So nice meeting you guys! Side note: I can’t believe celebrities don’t like to take pictures with fans. As a newly famous person, I have to say… it does wonders for my ego.

Talk to you later!

Unless I blow up over night… in that case talk to my agent.

Intern Sarah

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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