I believe it was the great writer Oscar Wilde who once said, "what a time to be alive."

It was either him, or Drake...the two are easily confused. No matter who said the line, it couldn't be a more true statement. The past two weeks with the Morning Show have made me feel #blessed about my life.

The most incredible thing to possibly have ever happened to me in my 21 years of existence occurred last week. I met Pete Wentz. Alright, now I'm going to Quentin Tarantino it and go back to the beginning. Any week with the Morning Show is exciting because you never know which star is going to come in for an interview. Celebrities coming in means a few things for the interns:

1. A lot of running around. Whether it's helping to set up the green room, picking up said celebrity's entourage from the lobby, or running to Starbucks to pick up 6 lattes with just a sprinkle of sugar, something is always going down when a guest comes to the show.

2. We interns truly get a better understanding of who we all are as individuals. For example, I may have been happy to find out that Louis Tomlinson was coming in this week, but intern Colleen was ECSTATIC. She is not only a huge One D fan, but Louis happens to be her fave. Meanwhile, I essentially went catatonic upon finding out that 1/4 of Fall Out Boy would be in my presence.

3. Guests coming to the show always means the opportunity to snag a photo with them. Depending on the star and their busy press schedule, sometimes the interns get to gather with them for a quick pic before we send them on their merry way.

 So, when I found out that Pete Wentz was coming in last week, this was immediately the first thing I thought about; the potential of getting to be in the same camera lens as the bass player for Fall Out Boy had me truly shook. To help you all understand a little better, Fall Out Boy was the band of my adolescence. "Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your Boy" was the song I pretended any boy I liked was actually singing about me. "This Ain't a Scene/It's an Arms Race" was the first time I ever said the word 'damn' because I just loved the song so much. I wanted to pay AT&T $1.99 just so that "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" could play whenever someone called my hot pink Razr phone. You get the picture. When I found out he was coming, the first random thing I told Brody was how I have a poster of Fall Out Boy in my closet (This tidbit will be relevant in a moment). SOOOO... Pete Wentz arrives to the studio. I am sent down to retrieve him and his crew from the lobby, so I have a quick mental breakdown in the elvator and pull myself together just as I reach the main floor. I am super calm and collected for the entirety of the visit, truly proud of my grace and poise. Then, the photo opp begins. It's always Elvis and the Morning Show hosts who get a picture with the guest first, then the rest of the on-air personalities, and the interns last if there is time. Finally, our opportunity arises and we all gather around Pete Wentz (I can't just call him Pete, he's a legend for goodness sakes). As we disperse from our photo, Brody proceeds to say, "Pete, this girl has a picture of you in her closet, would you mind taking a picture with just her?" Now I am officially mortified. Pete Wentz and I both blurt out an "oh my god", which he followed with "of course", and I followed with a "it's not just a picture of you it's a poster of the band omg Brody you're such an embarassing dad!" Regardless of my scolding, Brody took the picture and it was one of the top five moments of my life. My face was the same hue as a tomato but i have no regrets. Not only do I have this picture to show my future children when they tell me I'm not cool, but I found out one of my favorite musicians is actually a super nice dude in real life. There are few feelings comparable to finding out that someone you've idolized since you were thirteen is actually a big dingus in real life. Update: Pete Wentz is not a dingus.

I suppose the moral of this story is that this internship is fantastic. Not only am I constantly learning about the industry that I love, but I am meeting incredible people who have inspired me my whole life, and I am having the best time while doing so. There aren't many internships where you get to hear, "Kat, when you and Pete Wentz get married, can I be invited to the wedding?" And the answer, Bethany, is of course. You will be a bridesmaid.

That's all my heart can handle for now. I will have post-recovery updates soon!

Special shoutout to David Brody. While you may find me annoying and far too chipper at 6am, not many people would go out of their way to embarrass me in front of Pete Wentz so that he would take a picture with me. You really do care.



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