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Congratulations for finding me, Intern Sarah Biscotti. It’s actually Barsotti, but I’ve been told that I’m sweet like a cookie, so we’ll stick with Biscotti. I realize it must be confusing for you considering there are so many Sarahs interning at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, but let me ease your confusion by telling you that it is just as confusing for everyone else. If you read Intern Sara Spector’s blog, you may have heard that Brody has done a nice job of differentiating us… and may I say that I am honored with my title – Talented Sarah! You can hold the applause until the end, thank you.

It is amazing to me that the summer has flown by so quickly. But you know the saying; time flies when you’re having fun… or being attacked. Yes, you read that correctly, ATTACKED. Don’t fret, I’m alive and well. I’ll get back to the attack later. Let me first fill you in some things that have happened in these past two months!

I am an intern in the video production department with Producer Jake. My first two weeks were a whirlwind of celebrity guest encounters – awkward dancing with Selena Gomez, both Logic AND Jake Miller holding the door open for me, Camila Cabello hugging me. I even got to pet Max Duran! Such an honor.

But interning here at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show isn’t only exciting for its celebrity sightings, but for all the work I get to do. No, I’m not being sarcastic! Since day one I’ve been doing camera work and editing like crazy. It’s so nice to be hired as an intern and actually do what I’m going to school for! I actually even got to live out my dream at Elvis Duran’s Summer Bash! It’s always wanted to work front row at concerts and film the action on stage. And that’s just what I did! Not only did I get to sing along in the front row to Fall Out Boy that night, I got a picture with Pete Wentz and my fellow interns earlier that day after his interview on the show! Boy, dreams do come true…

But, as I’m sure you’ve been anticipating, it’s time to talk about the attack. It started out like any other day…

Producer Jake and I were at the Staten Island Zoo, with Alex (such a sweet guy)! We were helping to film a promotional video for the zoo, so we got all kinds of behind the scenes access. I got to go in cages with meerkats, alligators, and all kinds of animals! Jake and I go to walk into an area that has kangaroos, chickens, and emus. Now, two quick things: (1) look up what an emu looks like…. okay now keep that in mind, and (2) I don’t like birds. So I’m standing next to Jake and see the emus walking towards me. I try to side step Jake to keep away from them because they look like they wanted to kill me. All of the sudden the emus started sniffing my legs, which made me super tense. Without a chance to move, they start biting my backpack! I was told they were curious creatures and like shiny things, so as the good assistant I am, I let them poke at the zippers on my bag instead of them going after Jake's camera equipment. Before I know it though, THE EMU IS PULLING MY HAIR. That’s right, I was ATTACKED in order to protect my boss and his equipment.

Now if that doesn’t award me “Best Intern Ever” then I really don’t know what does. That’s all for now.

Stay sweet!


Intern Biscotti

Elvis Duran

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