What a week for Intern Josh!

What a week it’s been for me inside and outside of the show! I think I have to break it down by day for you so you really get how amazing it’s been.


I went to a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and although the bus into the city made me sprint across Manhattan and make the line to get in by one minute, it was a great show with Kevin Bacon, Jenna Dewan Tatum and the hilarious Nate Bargatze. In the top row with the salmon (not red) shorts and grey shirt is me mid-clap. We weren’t an ugly audience, but I don’t think anybody ever looks good mid-clap.


Thursday ended when I arrived at my friend’s house deep in Brooklyn past 1 AM, and Friday began with 2 hours of sleep later when I was out of the house by 4:50 AM. Sorry if I woke the family early!

Most days that begin with 2 hours of sleep usually don’t go my way. Friday started going out one way, but turned ONE DIRECTION differently when Harry Styles showed up at the show. While I’ll admit, I’ve only had 7 total One Direction and One Direction spin off instagram fan accounts (at least that’s the only ones that Web Girl Kathleen has been able to find), I am more of a casual Harry Styles fan. I like his music, I think he’s super talented, he’s got a great Mick Jagger impression (which I told him), my love of his vocal chords didn’t impress me the most. I was most struck by how beautiful he was. I don’t even like guys, but I was taken aback at how good looking of a man he is. I don’t think any picture can really sum it up.

So when it was time to take a picture and Brody said, “get in there ladies,” I was not going to miss out on an opportunity to impress every girl I’ll ever meet for the rest of my life. I jumped in the picture and I don’t care how much I looked like a fanboy.

Although it’s hard for things to get better after meeting Harry Styles, the day ended well when I helped Ronnie create the show open for monday–a parody of Redbone. When I say I helped Ronnie create the show open, I mean that I said “hey why don’t you use redbone” while he was searching for songs. He used it, so I’ll continue to take way more credit than I deserve.


I met Harry Styles on Tuesday, and it was a great way to round out a fantastic week. I heard that Kirsten from Pentatonix was coming to the show, and I internally freaked out. I am such a huge fan of Pentatonix and all the members. I voted for them when they got their start of “The Sing Off.” If you’ve never heard them singing Love Lockdown, it changed my perception of acappella music. So, I was already fan-boying (is that a term?) at the thought of catching a glimpse of Kirsten, I had my “Harry Styles moment” that all the other interns had last week when I found out I was filming her performance and interview.

I was able to stand up front and be serenaded by her beautiful music while filming as well as film her entire interview in the studio. To be honest, I missed most of the interview because I was focusing on trying not to shake the camera, but the parts I heard were great. If you look at the top corner of this picture, you can see me. Although I don’t look like I’m paying attention, I promise I’m just looking at the camera to make sure I didn’t ruin the shot or break anything.

I love that picture because now there’s photographic evidence that I did some work at this internship.

After the interview was over, I hung around Kirsten for a little while, hoping she would be willing to take a picture with a boy that was calming himself down in the corner, and for some reason she was! I went over and told her how long I’ve been loving her and Pentatonix, and much to my surprise, she didn’t say, “how did you get into my house?” like the only other time I saw her. Here's photographic proof she didn't have me removed from the building (again).

This internship will be drawing to a close in the next few weeks for me, and there have been so many highlights, but this past week was a whirlwind of an experience, so I figured I’d share it with all of you–even though you know what I did this week, Mom.

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