INTERN BLOG: When Harry Met Sammi

Oh. My. God.

I thought this internship was great before today. I was having fun, I was learning a lot, I found out I’m helping film at Elvis Duran’s Summer Bash on Thursday. But today…. today was something special.

Normally when I come into the studio, I go right to the back office and get to work with Video Producer Jake editing up some stuff from the day before. But today was the day I was told by David Brody to “expand my knowledge” and chill with Yaritza, Web Girl Kathleen, and my fellow interns who work up front. I was stoked even though I had to get in at 6AM instead of my normal 7:30AM.

The show kicks off and I hear Elvis say 8 words that made coming in early so worth it.

“We have Harry Styles here today at 8.”

All the interns looked at each other with our jaws at our feet. HARRY FREAKING STYLES!?

So what do I do? I text my family to brag (duh). Here’s what I get back:

Thanks Dad, for reminding me how single I really am.

But if you see this Harry, yes, I’m single ;)

Fast forward an hour and a half and I’m getting my camera ready to go. I mean, this will be the most important time I press that little red record button in my 21 years thus far. Did I mention I was filming Harry Styles?

Harry was so sweet and WAY better looking in person, I might add.

Watching this man speak was something unreal. You could see how genuinely modest he was. Also, he kept making eye contact with me and smiling, I SWEAR. Still single Harry! Intern Leah was nice enough to get this awesome action shot of me filming Harry, or more like an action shot of Harry with my head blocking half the picture.

After the interview ends, I grab my camera to put away in the back office, itching to get back into the lobby to get one final glimpse of the god I just filmed. As I put the camera down and start walking back I hear “Okay girls get in all together for a picture.” I was NOT missing that photo op, no way.

I SPRINTED in my wedges right when Harry was shaking all the intern’s hands. Don’t worry I got my handshake and was privileged enough to stand next to him in the picture (as you can see).

And then, he was gone, just a memory. Just like that, it was all over.

And that just confirms that yes, I do have the best internship there is.

Oh, and for the record, I've never seen When Harry Met Sally.


Intern Sam Kandell

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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