Hello, it’s me. 

No it’s not Lionel Richie or Adele, it’s intern Kat! I am back and more excited than ever to be spending another summer with Elvis Duran and the rest of the Morning Show. For those of you who don’t know, I was lucky enough to intern here last summer, and it was such an amazing experience I just had to come back! It took some convincing on Brody’s part, but I secretly think he missed me.

Not much in my life has changed since I was last here. I spent my fall semester living in Dublin, Ireland, and was fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe. Going abroad was easily one of the best decisions I’ve made in my young adult life. If you have the opportunity to do it, do it! 10/10 dentists would recommend, 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Upon returning to the states and officially being ‘cultured’, I finished up my Junior year at Syracuse University. That’s right, I am going into my senior year! I’m super calm about it! I totally know what I’m doing after graduation! Okay, so obviously I’m not super calm about it and I have no idea what I’m going after getting my diploma. It’s a toss up really, there are numerous options to explore. I imagine a few different scenarios; I get a great job right away, I go to Grad School, I refuse to accept my graduation and become a washed up alumni who always crashes tailgates, or I become unemployed living in my parents basement. Stay tuned to find out which possibility becomes a reality in May 2018!

So maybe I lied, a lot has changed since I was last interning for the Morning Show. One thing that hasn’t changed is my absolute love and adoration for everyone here! Every couple of days or so, I take the 3:35am train from Long Island to Penn Station just to get here by 5:30 so I can be one of the first shining faces Brody gets to see for the day. When I’m not with the Morning Show, I’m with Ronnie gossiping…I mean working. The best part about interning with Ronnie, besides spending time with him of course, is getting to record everyone from the show. Basically, whenever anyone has to voice a commercial or some sort of liner for the show, they come into the studio with Ronnie and me. This is easily my favorite part of the day. Besides that, it’s usually just me gushing about Ryan Seacrest and Ronnie ignoring me.

Something that is extra special about this summer is that I get to intern with two of my friends from Syracuse, Sam and Josh. All three of us work for Z89 Radio back at school, and it’s so much fun having them here this summer. Sam interns in video with Jake, and Josh interns for Ronnie on the days that I’m not there. We work opposite days so I don’t get to see either of them too often, but sharing the experience alone has been fantastic.

That’s all I have for now, but don’t fret because I will be milking this internship and this blog for as long as I possibly can!



Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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