INTERN BLOG: Can You Spot The Difference?

Hey there blog readers!!!!

Intern Sarah here. I’m a little nervous because this is my FIRST intern blog at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, so I’m going to take a little pressure off of me and put a little on you… Let’s play a game!

Can you spot the FOUR differences in these photos?

I’ll wait.

I’m waiting.

Did you do it? No? Oh you didn’t because these are obviously two completely different photos, so this game doesn’t really work? Well too bad, because here are the correct answers:

1. My outfit: In the first photo I am wearing a dress and in the second photo I’m wearing a shirt. So easy!

2. Danielle’s outfit: In the first photo she looks sporty chic and in the second photo, she just looks regular chic! Piece of cake.

3. Yaritza: On the first day you can see her and on the second day you can’t, SO THE FIRST DAY IS OBVIOUSLY BETTER. LOVE YOU YARITZA. ALL HAIL YARITZA. Come on, Intern Sarah. Can you make this ANY harder?

4. I am in love and considering marriage: Yikes. Little harder to spot. I kind of have a natural glow going on that could only be caused by the sharp pang of cupid’s arrow.

Did you get all four??? Well in case you had trouble, I’ll explain what’s going on. This is my third week interning at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, and these two photos were taken when I got to go on air to discuss my first ever tinder date. Once BEFORE my date and once AFTER my date. They gave me an awesome pep talk and made sure I was feeling confident about meeting a new guy!

To clarify, I’m not actually considering marriage (because apparently that’s inappropriate to talk about — thanks Straight Nate), but I AM in love…

With my internship! I have only been here a short three weeks, but this is by far the most fun environment I’ve ever worked in. From the interns, to the producers, to the Morning Show gang, to Elvis himself, everyone has taken the time to welcome the newbies and I couldn’t be more grateful. I really love being a part of this team and can’t wait to see where this romance takes me <3

Seeya soon!

Intern Sarah

Elvis Duran

Elvis Duran

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