We Inspired Our Listener Jennifer to Follow Her Dreams! (LISTEN)

We got the best call from our listener Jennifer who said was inspired by Elvis and Bethany to follow her dreams! 

A few months ago she heard Bethany talking about being miserable at her last job where she worked at a bank and Elvis reminded listeners to MAKE MOVES if you don't love your job. Jennifer followed their advice and started Wax Cabin Candle Co

Wax Cabin Candles are all soy based and handmade by Jennifer, who lives in New Jersey! She has a selection of lovely, cozy and boozy scents. Our favorite is definitely 'Brunch!'

Jennifer was so excited to let us know that after she put in the work, Anthropologie signed a deal with her to carry her candles.  



AMAZING! Congrats to Jennifer. We LOVE her story! 

Listen to her inspiring call below!