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What's Actually In Your Hot Dog?

Hot dogs in buns at the official weigh-in ceremony for the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest July 3, 2012 at City Hall in New York. The contest will be held July 4 at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island. AFP PHOTO/Stan HOND

You won't find these ingredients on the back of your hot dog package, but don't be fooled... they are still in that weiner! 

Hot Dog Ingredients  (In some brands)


-Carcasses from old cattle and swine

-Cheeks and Joules (fatty flesh from the lower jaw/throat)

- Heart

- Tongue

- Lips

- Eyelids

- (Parts of the) intestines

- (Parts of the) ears

- (Parts of the) nostrils

- (Parts of the) tail

- Snouts from the pigs

- (Parts of the) liver

- (Parts of the) Kidneys

- Salt

- Fat, gristle, tendons and membranes

- Bone

- Blood

- Gums

-  Insect fragments, hair, rat excrement only in government allowed portions

- Preservatives to keep it all fresh 

Image Source: Getty Images