Sam's Fitness Journey Complaints! - Week 2

I am about 2 weeks into my fitness journey, and MAN AM I CRANKY! 

You look on Instagram and see all these wonderful people taking control of their wellness and you see them smiling and you think, "HEY! That looks great, I want to do that too!!!!" But here is all the surprise crap I'm dealing with that the Instagram models DON'T show you:

-I'm. Always. Tired.  I mean, I was always tired to begins with, waking up before 4am and all, but this is a whole new level! My body is chipper for about 3 hours in the morning and then I remember the workout I have to do later in the day and my body just asks, "wouldn't you rather be in bed right now? Conserving all the energy you'll need for later? Screw work and friends, you don't need them." It's so annoying!

-I CONSTANTLY Need To Eat! There is no such thing as "full" anymore. There is only ravenously hungry, and stuffed beyond health and comfort. I will feel starving throughout an entire meal, get more food, then suddenly feel so full that I can't move! WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!

-Body Parts Hurt I Didn't Know I Had.  I am so sore that doing the most simple stuff hurts!  I tried some butt work the other day (focus has been on running and abs thus far), and now I need to sit down by plopping into the chair at 60mph because I can't squat slowly. I have had a sore butt before, but these muscles are ones I never knew existed before!

-I Have No Time For A Social Life.  Not kidding, all fitness freaks that have friends either pay them or only hang out at the gym. Between getting ready, foam rolling first, running, getting to yoga, and cooling down/ showering after, I have no extra hours in my day. I feel as if the hours actually leave my watch because they don't want to stick around to see this pathetic attempting at calorie burning.

-I Am Constantly Drink Water Thus Constantly Peeing. Yup. That's about it. 

And last but not least....

-I Get Drunk Too Quickly! I am the biggest hot mess with my few nights out this month, because all this sweat and whatever is dropping my booze tolerance! I get drunk almost immediately and then wonder what the hell happened!

So that sums up my list of complaints. I imagine these are beginner workout problems, and that almost all of them will improve or be easier to manage over time, but for the time being I am cranky-mc-crankster and I just need some Nutella and a hug.

I'll check back I soon!!!

Xoxoxox @SamAndRadio 

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