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Known more affectionately to listeners as Straight Nate, he is the ever-exhausted (and rumored serial killer) Executive Producer of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. He is also a co-host of The 15 Minute Morning Show podcast on iHeartRadio.

With a long-storied career working with radio icons from Valentine to Ryan Seacrest, Nate is a seasoned professional. Joining the show in 2013, listeners have seen him grow from a single playboy to an engaged and faithful fiancée to Heather. He is often the butt of the jokes for his love of classic shows such as The Golden Girls and The Andy Griffith Show. A two-time stroke survivor caused by Congenital Heart Disease, he now uses the show to spread awareness.  

Without Nate, the show could not and would not run (on a semi-normal) schedule!