Serena Williams' Daughter Olympia Dancing To 'Moana' Songs Is So Cute

We didn't think Olympia Ohanian Jr. could get any cuter, but then her mama, Serena Williams, went and proved us wrong. On Monday (Dec. 3), Serena posted the cutest video of little Olympia dancing to the Moana soundtrack with her dad, Alexis Ohanian, and it's sure to make you smile. Olympia sits on her dad's lap as they watch the music video for the song "You're Welcome" from the hit Disney film. It's hard to tell who's having more fun. 

"This guy wow he is amazing. I wake up feeling special every day. He’s the best dad too," Serena captioned the video, which is equally as sweet as the sing-a-long. 

Serena and Alexis appear to be big fans of Moana and have posted about it online multiple times since welcoming their daughter last year. Serena told one fan on Twitter that was excited to share the film with Olympia because "I watched it when I was pregnant and so she watched it with me."

On Olympia's Instagram account-run by her parents, of course-a video of her watching Moana was shared earlier this year. "Papa only lets me watch Disney music videos (the ones about strong heroines who don't need rescuing) on special occasions," the caption says. 

Moana and cute dancing babies? Serena Williams has the content we need. More, please!

Photo: @SerenaWilliams