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Brittany Snow Addresses Cheating Rumors Following Tyler Stanaland Divorce

Photo: Getty Images

Brittany Snow is opening up about her divorce from Tyler Stanaland and the rumors of his alleged infidelity during his time on Selling the OC.

Snow and Stanaland began dating in 2018 and tied the knot two years later in 2020. They separated in September 2022 and Snow filed for divorce a few months later the following January, with the split being finalized in July 2023. Stanaland reportedly admitted to kissing costar Kayla Cardona off-screen while filming season one of the Selling Sunset spinoff, which aired in August 2022, per E! News.

The Pitch Perfect star appeared on Wednesday's (March 27) episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast where she spoke about her then-husband's flirty and seemingly unfaithful behavior on the Netflix reality series, saying she "was not aware of a lot of things."

"I did not know what was going on," she said. "I think as someone who is so hands-on with my career, I was just completely shocked that I didn't have a handle on reality in that way. That was shocking."

When podcast host Alex Cooper asked the Hairspray actress if she knew any of the women her ex was allegedly involved with, Snow quipped "Which one?" before stating she didn't. Stanaland seemingly grew closer to another costar, Alex Hall, as he went through the divorce while filming the next season of Selling the OC, and the pair ultimately shared a kiss on screen.

"I will say, what people think happened, happened," Snow said, adding, "I had instincts and I think because I was in love I didn't trust them — there's a lot of grace that I give myself... There's a part of this that I don't have a part in. They messed up. But I tried very hard to see it all from every side and release that anger because it doesn't serve me."

Despite the rocky end to the relationship, Snow doesn't regret their marriage and the love they shared.

"There was a marriage there. There was so much love," she said. "I think that gray is hard to understand because it's much more salacious and interesting that it's just 'he did this' and 'she did this' and that's what I would want to put out there. I think a lot of people go into relationships where someone hurts them but I don't regret it. I don't regret anything that happened because I loved that time when we had it."