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Naked Person Seen 'Running' On All Fours Like Animal In Security Footage

Photo: Dave Basner

While security cameras deterring crime and catch thieves in the act, it seems more often they wind up capturing much stranger things. Whether it is an alien abductions or a bizzarre creature or even a ghost, a lot of weird footage has come from the cameras, but one video might top them all.

The clip seems to show a naked person "running" on all fours, like an animal, in the middle of the night. The incredible speed at which they move on their hands and feet implies that they might have spent a lot of time getting from one place to another that way, and that actually might be true.

The video actually first came out in 2020 and had the insensitive title, "Dog Girl from Tamaulipas." That title is a reference to a rumored resident in Mexico who suffers from a rare neurodegenerative condition called Uner Tan Syndrome, that causes sufferers to need to move on all fours. It also leads to severe learning disabilities.

Stories of her existence began in 2009, when a security camera filmed a girl, then 14, who appeared to move like a dog. This latest clip was shot in the same neighborhood as the first one. Of course, no one knows if it is that girl on this video, or if she even exists and, if she does, if she suffers from the disorder.

Many commenters on the video stated how the footage reminds them of a horror film, and some felt the person in the clip was raised by animals. While not saying it was the girl from urban legends in Mexico, some did suggest the person in the video has Uner Tan syndrome, but even if that is the case, it doesn't explain why the girl is naked. Additionally, most people with the condition aren't able to move quickly or smoothly on all fours.

One person had a more simple suggestion, writing, "If I lost my clothes and I want to go home, this may be the fastest way and covering as much as I can."