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Dad Who Married Woman Who Looks 'Exactly Like His Daughter' Speaks Out

Photo: Getty Images

These days, it's not too strange to see a couple who exhibit an age gap - older men and women often find love with someone much younger than themselves. However, one man is facing backlash not because he is dating a woman just a few years older than his daughter, but because the woman looks a lot like his daughter.

Chris, a 44-year-old from Arizona, often finds himself defending his relationship with his girlfriend, 28-year-old Savana. The salon owner first met Savana when she began working for him as a hairstylist. At the time, Chris was amid a difficult divorce but once he was able to move on, he spent more time with Savana, eventually dating her. They hid the relationship though because they didn't want to be judged, especially by Chris' 21-year-old daughter, Tizzi, who also worked in the salon.

Chris told the YouTube channel Love Don't Judge that while Tizzi was "originally very thrown off," she eventually accepted the relationship and even embraced it, appearing in videos that Savana shared on TikTok, but that only led to more drama. Savana explained, "I had made the mistake of putting my age above where I was and [Tizzi's] age above where she was [in one of my videos]. It just started this big massive tornado of negative comments - most of them were geared towards Chris." At issue: Savana looks like Tizzi.

Among the comments were, "I would be traumatized if my dad married someone who looks exactly like me," and "Do you want to date your daughter?"

Chris said they heard "anything that you can imagine," "the sickest of sickest things that you could think of. We just basically got destroyed." However, they didn't let it affect them and Chris and Savana wound up getting married and now have three kids together. Meanwhile, Tizzi and Savana have a great relationship, and according to Savana, "a lot of the comments now are like, 'I wish I could have this relationship with my stepmom.'"

She added, "We're just one big family and it doesn't matter what anyone says because we're happy and that's all that matters."