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Boys Born To Two Sisters Are Both Cousins And Brothers

Photo: Getty Images

Cousins can be distant, or they can be close, in fact some people even wind up married to theirs. However, there are some cousins out there who are so close they are actually siblings, even though they have different parents. It sounds strange but that's the case for two boys named Jax and Jett, who are cousins but are genetically brothers.

So how did it happen? Well their moms, Brittany and Briana, are identical twins and they just happened to marry another set of identical twins - Josh and Jeremy Salyers. The two couples ended up having babies within a couple months of each other and those kids, Jax and Jett, are known as quaternary twins.

Their moms showed off pics of the kids in an Instagram post they captioned, "Cousins, genetic brothers, and quaternary twins."

Commenters didn't really understand what was going on, but the science backs up the post. Identical twins share the same DNA, and since both of each boy's parents are part of a set of identical twins, then genetically, the kids are siblings even though they are actually cousins. If they were to take a DNA test, Jax and Jett would show up as brothers.

Considering how similar the boys look, it isn't much of a surprise.

Brittany and Briana have been with Josh and Jeremy since 2017 after they met at a festival for twins. After six months, both couples got engaged and in August of 2018, they had a joint wedding.

You can see more photos of the families on their shared Instagram account.