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Travel Expert's 'Poor Man's First Class' Hack Sparks Fury

Photo: Getty Images

Air travel can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if you are squeezed into a basic economy seat, but one travel expert has shared a hack to make your trip much roomier, though not everyone agrees with his method.

He goes by @Ndainternet on TikTok, where he posted a video advising fliers to buy all the seats in their row, then cancelling the unused ones minutes before boarding the flight. In his video, he calls the hack "poor man's first class" but warns viewers to make sure the two additional tickets are fully refundable. He stated that "90% of the time" airlines do not fill the seats and he get the whole row to himself.

Rather than appreciating the money-saving idea, most commenters were extremely bothered by it. One said, "The catch is the airlines will stop offering refundable tickets and the rest of us suffer," while another added, "Talk about self-centered and not thinking of anyone else," and someone else exclaimed, "Yeah, in a basic term they call that fraud."

Of course, there were supporters too, namely people who fly standby, who commented, "Please keep doing this. Great for those of us flying standby," and, "I fly standby so thanks for saving me a seat!"

You can see more of his "tips" on his TikTok page.