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Do Not Ever Get In A Car With A Claw Clip In Your Hair

Photo: Getty Images

Cars are filled with safety features to protect you if you ever get into an accident, from seatbelts to airbags, but even with all the precautions, you can still get pretty banged up in a wreck, and it turns out that there is one thing in particular that could really injure you if you wear it while in the car. Most people have no idea about the danger of wearing it because it seems so innocuous. That's because it's a claw clip.

A med student took to TikTok to warn anyone who wears the accessory that they should take it off while in a car. The woman explained how doctors let her know that they've seen car accident victims who were wearing claw clips and the clips got embedded in the victims' skulls. The med student stated, "It can be like really fatal and really scary."

Commenters were pretty scared by the warning, writing things like, "New fear unlocked," and, "Gonna have to adjust my whole life because of this." Others joked about the caution, saying, "I wanna know what claw clip they have that impaled their skull but I sit mine on the counter too hard and it breaks," and, "Honestly, I’m good with it. Getting taken out by a claw clip would be pretty on brand for me."

Regardless of how you feel about the video, it's best to just be safe and stick with hair ties while in a car.