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Josh Duggar Thrown In Solitary Confinement Over His Behavior In Prison

Photo: Getty Images

Last May, reality star Josh Duggar was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison after being found guilty of possession of child pornography. The 34-year-old is serving his time outside of Dallas at FCI Seagoville and according to The Sun, he was just placed in the prison's special housing unit or SHU, also known as solitary confinement.

A family member of another inmate revealed that Josh, best known for the TLC show 19 Kids & Counting, was brought to the SHU last week for having a cell phone. That insider went on to say that the SHU is in terrible condition, stating, "I can tell you that the SHU there is so bad that the regional office was just down there to see what was going on. They've been keeping prisoners in the SHU indefinitely, not letting them have DHO hearings, which let them know when they're getting out."

The prison has seen its share of complaints, with one inmate calling out Seagoville for "deliberate indifference" to his "mental and physical needs" for allegedly not providing him with his prescribed medication while he was in the SHU. Other reported issues at the prison include not providing necessary medical attention when inmates get sick, and illnesses apparently happens often due to the conditions there. One source told The Sun, "The food they get is regularly expired. They're just like really disgustingly expired, always by at least a couple of weeks. And it's like milk. All sorts of like stuff that can’t be expired for that long. They had a run of cereal that had bugs in it, and so people just couldn't eat their cereal because it was filled with bugs." The prison also runs out of food often and cuts down on portion sizes when they do. Additionally, because the facility runs on generators, they reportedly have daily power outages, meaning there could be days without electricity or heat and sometimes hot water.

As for Josh, there is no word on how he got a cell phone in the prison or what he was doing with it. Meanwhile, he's appealed his conviction, blaming a co-worker for the pornography found on his computer. For now, his release from prison is set for August 22, 2032.