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'Jeopardy' Champ Calls For 'Lifetime Ban' Of Recent Contestant

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Since it debuted in 1984, there have been roughly 17,000 contestants on Jeopardy, and nearly all of them have gone on to tell friends about their exciting time on the show - one even wound up hosting Jeopardy. But with so many people appearing on the program, there are bound to be a couple who have taken issue with their experiences as a player. That's the case for recent winner Yogesh Raut.

After winning nearly $100,000 on Jeopardy, Raut turned to Facebook to rant against it. He called the iconic program a "glorified reality show," adding that it isn't a gauge for true trivia. Raut, a quiz bowl competitor, stated that his appearance will "never top the list of my quizzing accomplishments - not even my quizzing accomplishments of 2022." He also said of Jeopardy, "It is entertaining to watch but it bears the same relationship to real quizzing that [ABC mini golf show] Holey Moley does to golf."

Well when former champ James Holzhauer got wind of the comments, he seemed to defend the show where he's won nearly $2.5 million. Holzhauer tweeted out an article about Raut and wrote, "Anyone who's ever used social media to criticize Jeopardy or its producers should get a lifetime ban from the show."

Commenters agreed with the champ, writing things like, "That guy was the worst contestant I’ve ever seen on the show. Sore loser who was so full of himself and completely devoid of personality," and, "Maybe the worst winner ever."

However, Holzhauer is actually just being sarcastic and self-deprecating with the tweet because he has criticized the show in the past, going after one-time host and producer Mike Richards for his behavior "backstage at Jeopardy." Richards, who succeeded Alex Trebek, only filmed for one day before he was resigned over accusations of sexist behavior.

Photo: Getty Images

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