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If Your Pet Is Scratching The Floor, It Could Be Trying To Save Your Life

Photo: Getty Images

Any pet owner knows that sometimes their furry or feathered or even scaly friends do some weird things. From zoomies to hairballs to other bizarre behaviors, animals can be pretty strange with their habits. However, one thing they might do may look crazy but it could actually be your pet trying to save your life.

That's exactly what happened in England, where a cat was digging furiously at specific area of carpet in its home. Its owner had suspected a gas leak and when the plumber she called arrived, he knew there was indeed a leak in the house. He told Wales Online, "As soon as I got through the door I could smell gas. I did the usual tests in the house and there was a massive gas drop." However, he wasn't able to locate the origin of the leak.

That's when he found out how the cat had been scratching away at a particular spot. He told the homeowner, "Let's trust the animals, where has the cat been digging?" saying he believed "the animal's instinct." He went to the spot, explaining, "I couldn't hear anything, but pulled the carpet back and I could hear the gas leak directly underneath where the cat was digging under the carpet."

According to the plumber, the leak was so big if the homeowner turned a light on it could've "blown the house down." He fixed the issue and said that in his 20 years of plumbing work he has never been helped by a cat before, adding, "They normally try and avoid us at all costs." There is no way of knowing if that cat was reacting to hearing the hissing noise or if it truly sensed the danger, but whatever it was, the plumber is now considering hiring the animal to work with him.