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Shocked Pat Sajak Drops Cards After Contestant's Awkward Comment

Photo: Getty Images

Wheel Of Fortune might seem easy at times, but it can be immensely difficult for contestants on the stage playing it for real. This has been made evident time and time again by players missing easy puzzles or making costly mistakes or just not doing well at the game.

Well another example just happened after a contestant struggled with the bonus round puzzle and then made a hilariously awkward comment after missing it. Kate Mock Elliott, from Cincinnati, ran away with the game, winning by a landslide and making it to the bonus round. After she picked her letters, the board showed "_ _ _ _ N _ A LEA_." Kate first said "taking" then uttered "hoping a leap," "moving a leaf," and "raking a leaf" before time ran out and Pat revealed that the correct response was "Fixing a leak."

At that point, Kate said, "I kept thinking of doing something else with a leak and I didn't think that was it." Shocked, Pat just said "no," looked in the camera and dropped his cards. Surprised with her own comment, Kate covered her face as Sajak picked up his cards and said, "Excuse me, these get heavy sometimes."

While it might have been awkward in person, it made for great TV and based on the responses on social media, fans loved it. One wrote, "Pat's reaction!" while another said, "That was the funniest thing I've ever seen on Wheel!" Others were on Kate's wavelength, stating, "That's exactly the first thing out of my mouth too!" and "We all thought it, Kate!"

Kate is fully aware of how she might have looked on the show. She shared the clip on Instagram with the caption, "Not even the flu can keep me from enjoying re-living this silly moment. Awkward Humor, party of one, my table is ready."

Even though she didn't win the bonus round, Kate walked away with over $48,000 in cash and prizes including a Disney vacation.