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Mayim Bialik Posts Bedhead Video But No One Can Get Past What's Above Her

Photo: Getty Images

Mayim Bialik has developed some thick skin since her first stint hosting Jeopardy in 2021. As she and Ken Jennings traded off duties behind the podium, and eventually both got the job, the Call Me Kat actress faced a lot of criticism and haters. She's been attacked over the things she says and what she wears and how she enforces, or doesn't enforce, the rules of the game. Producers have even asked Bialik to "tone it down." Well the comments extend to when she isn't hosting as well, which was evident on Monday, her 47th birthday, after she shared a video on Instagram.

In the clip, Mayim went makeup free, sporting a natural bedhead look and a Yankees shirt. However, that's not what people pointed out. Instead, they were confused and concerned over what hung on the ceiling above Bialik - some kind of strange looking box.

One person said, "What is on the ceiling?" and another added, "I have the same question," while someone else stated, "I'm wondering the same thing!!!" One commenter thought they figured it out, writing, "Made me look. There are two things going on. 1. A shadow of something. 2. A vent."

As for how she looked, the response was pretty positive. Along with plenty of b-day wishes, many commenters told Mayim she looked very pretty.

Of course, Bialik is no stranger to sharing pictures of herself just out of bed. She previously put up bedhead photos in 2016 and 2020.

Mayim posted birthday videos as a story on her personal Instagram as well as a post on the IG for her podcast, Mayim Bialik's Breakdown. In both, she asked that for her birthday, viewers follow her boyfriend and co-host, Jonathan Cohen. The hope was to get him to 20,000 followers. It must've been a happy birthday for both of them since they shattered that goal - he now has 23,500 followers.

Still no word on what is on the ceiling though.