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If You See This USB Charger In A Hotel Or Airbnb, Get Out & Call The Police

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Most people don't think twice about the amenities offered by a hotel room or an Airbnb, they just appreciate that they are there and drink complimentary coffee from the coffee maker or binge watch something on an already-paid-for streaming service, but some guests might not realize that one convenience provided by their accommodations isn't as it seems - a USB charging cube.

The cubes are incredibly helpful if there are only wall sockets and you have a phone with low battery or another device that uses a USB charger, but there are many cubes out there that don't only charge, they also film. Search Amazon for "USB cube camera" and you'll see dozens of pages offering USB cubes in all shapes and sizes, described as spy devices, that allow for unsuspecting people to be recorded.


It isn't just the cubes either, digital alarm clocks and smoke detectors placed in hotel and Airbnb rooms can also hide cameras. So how can you know if you are being filmed? Well Marcus Hutchins, who teaches cybersecurity on Instagram and TikTok, explained what to look for in a recent video. He showed that one way to tell if a camera is in an object is by shining a bright light at it. Camera lenses have a bluish reflection to them.

Hutchins also suggests guests be wary of any devices or holes in a wall that face a shower, a bed or a dressing area, since they are likely hiding places for cameras. If you wind up finding one, you should immediately leave and report it to the police.

Commenters appreciated the warning, but were equally disturbed, writing things like, "Fantastic, another thing to be paranoid about," and, "That's it, I'm showering in clothes."

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