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New Mom Gets Sent Cleaning Bill After Giving Birth In Taxi

Photo: Getty Images

Anyone expecting a baby knows that it is a good idea to have a plan in place for when labor starts, but the problem is, you never know when a baby is going to want to come out. It's something one mom learned recently while she was in a cab on her way to a routine check-up. Five minutes into the 13-mile ride, she went into labor and wound up having to deliver her impatient daughter, Naia, herself, in the back of the taxi.

26-year-old Farah Cacanindin from England told The Sun, "It was the quickest labor ever. My water broke five minutes into the journey. The driver asked if I wanted him to pull over but I said to keep going as I believed I would make it before she was born." She didn't so they arrived at the hospital with a newborn, wrapped in a jacket, as shocked nurses greeted them. Farah said, "It was surreal. I didn't have a chance to be scared."

A few days later, Farah got the bill from the taxi company. It was for $100 - $34 for the fare and the other $66 for a cleaning charge. She stated, "I understand that I did make a mess but it's a bit cheeky to have charged me."

The good news for Farah is that she has a constant reminder of Naia's birth. She explained, "The funny this is the taxi firm is just down our road. I see the van I gave birth in right outside my house."