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Pat Sajak Apologizes For His Security Guards Wrestling Fan To The Ground

In recent months, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has made quite a few headlines because of his on-air behavior, but all of those stories were limited to things he said. Overall they were either embarrassing - like when he said "lift the ceiling" instead of "raise the roof," or when he opened the prize for the final round before the puzzle or accidentally revealed a puzzle's solution - or they were just a little awkward or questionably offensive, like when he made a suggestive comment to a contestant, called a contestant ungrateful, called a player a liar, had a rather icy exchange with a player over a bad pun and allegedly made fun of a player's lisp. Now though, things might have escalated to something more physical.

Sajak, who has been hosting Wheel since 1981, tweeted an apology to a fan who wanted to meet him. Pat claimed his security took the fan down as he approached the host. Sajak wrote, "My apologies to the nice gentleman who wanted to say hello during my morning walk today. My security guys mistakenly thought I said, 'Wrestle him to the ground!' instead of, 'Please let him through.' Easy mistake. Again... sorry."

It's almost certainly a joke since it is unlikely Sajak has, or needs, personal security, but many of his followers weren't clear on if it actually happened or not. One wrote, "Not good. What's going on with Pat?" and another asked, "Pat... is this true?" Others though laughed at the tweet, with one person writing, "The settlement will be paid in vowels" and another jokingly replying, "I can buy that."

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