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Wedding Singer Turns Out To Be Cheating Groom's Jilted Ex, Drama Ensues

Photo: Getty Images

Most people remember the weddings that they've been to, but the guests at one reception will never forget what they witnessed. That's because some major drama went down during the celebration because the wedding singer turned out to be the groom's jilted ex, and she was angry since the relationship ended because he cheated on her... with the woman he was marrying. Thankfully, it was all caught on video and posted to TikTok.

The clip shows the singer, Alexandra Starr, facing her band with her back turned to the crowd as she sang a romantic tune that the bride and groom slow danced to, but after a few seconds, the music changed to Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." As the confused couple looked at their hired entertainment, Alexandra turned around, causing gasps in the crowd from those who knew her as the woman the groom was with for five years.

She captioned the video, "So I was asked to sing at my ex's wedding."

As the song went on, Alexandra got a glass of water, threw it in the groom's face and walked off.

Of course, this all seems highly unlikely since the newlyweds had to be aware of who they hired to perform at their wedding, so many commenters called it fake, but Alexandra stated it was all very real. She explained, "They saw a different band when they booked the band. I'm a coverage singer, so when singers can't make it to their gig for whatever reason, I usually get a call asking, 'Are you available on this date?' and I said yes, so he had no idea."

Clearly the band was in on it too since the keyboardist's music accompanied the songs. Starr said, "The keyboard player is someone I've worked with for a while and knew of the whole story. He was in on it with me, but not when I walked off-stage after."

As to where the water came from, Alexandra shared a longer version of that video:

Commenters loved the videos. One wrote, "I am living for this entire storyline," while another said, "These are the kind of weddings I want to be invited to." Keep up to date on the aftermath by checking out Alexandra's TikTok.