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If You Use A Joke As The Reason When You Send Money With An App, Stop Now

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When you use an app to send money, there is almost always a place to write what it is for, and often, anyone with even the slightest sense of humor probably thinks of a dozen or so possible comments to put there, but it turns out you should never joke around with that space, even if you think of the funniest thing to write there.

In a video on TikTok, a financial expert weighed in on why. The mortgage broker from KAG Financial wrote in the clip, "How to avoid embarrassment when applying for a mortgage," and explained, "Remember the money you transferred your pal? We see it and so does the lender. 'Money for drugs' is probably not the best thing to use." She also noted, "This is actually tame compared to what we see," then warned, "Avoid joke references."

So could it really affect a person's chance of getting a mortgage? In the comments, the company stated, "For those of you asking how far they check back, most of the time it's three months, your application is only affected if it's something illegal." This was a relief to those who used the space to write "Sugar Daddy."

However, regardless of if you are looking for a mortgage now or if you ever will, it is probably best to avoid joking around about anything illegal on the cash apps since it might come back to haunt you. Typically, only the last six months are reviewable, but that may change. Commenters seem to have been scared straight, writing things like, "Jesus, some of mine are horrific," and, "And this is why I will never ever ever get a mortgage."