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Dog's Pee Resembles A Work Of Art And People Are In Awe

Photo: Getty Images

Art comes in many forms. It can be created with paint or ink, with bronze or copper, even with just paper, but a recent piece was created by an unlikely artist with a very unlikely substance. The artwork was accidentally done by a shih tzu who made it while it was going to the bathroom.

The masterpiece, which was shared on Reddit, shows what resembles a man with a cane. It is so impressive, the work has commenters referring to the pup as "Barksy" and "Pee-casso." One person went so far as to say, "This is beyond brilliant. It clearly shows a man with a hiking stick looking out into the distance at what he has just accomplished. I can picture him being stood on the edge of a great mountain - having dreamt of this very moment for years of his life."

Photo: Reddit

Another critique stated, "The artist clearly intends to convey the isolative human condition of a man absent a canine. And implied is the trade off of a disruption in the symbiotic canine-homo sapiens relationship, suggesting that even with so-called 'freedom' achieved, canines grieve the absence of their human partners."

Others saw something different in the piece (or "pee"-ce). One wrote, "It's a man with a leash that has no dog on it," and another suggested, "The dog painted a superhero peeing with his dog pee."

A photo of the genius behind the art was also shared.

Photo: Reddit

Commenters had things to say about the artist as well. One wrote, "I like how the dog looks unsatisfied like as if he knows he could have done better," and another noted, "We may laugh but someone out there will be willing to pay a load of money to have that as a wall piece."

No word yet on if any museums or institutions have attempted to acquire some of the pooch's other works.