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Eerie Ghost Girl Photobombs Boy

Photo: Kennedy News & Media

An innocent picture of a little boy inside a stack of tires at a playground has become so traumatizing for the 12-year-old in the photo that he had to spent the night in his mom's room. That's because if you look closely, the child isn't alone in the tires - there is an eerie image of what is believed to be the ghost of a girl behind him.

It happened when 12-year-old Kristian Ashmore was looking through some photos soon after they were taken. He saw the one of him in the tires and noticed what he thought was a spider web by his head, but as he looked closer he saw it was actually the face of a young girl.

Photo: Kennedy News & Media

He showed it to his mom, Ayesha, who was certain Kristian and his 14-year-old brother, Gabriel, also in the pic, edited it, but they swore they didn't. Ayesha played around with the pic herself to be sure and realized the photo definitely hadn't been altered.

She explained to The Mirror, "I do believe in ghosts but I was a little skeptical. I was like, 'There must be a reason for this,' so I asked them if they'd added the face on Photoshop. They were both adamant that they hadn't. I tried to see if I could edit in a face myself, but I couldn't do it. They were so shocked and scared, I knew they hadn't messed around with the photo. My boys aren't advanced Photoshop editors. I looked at the times when they took the photo and when they sent it to me - it was literally seconds. There wasn't time for them to edit it."

Kristian was so scared he had to sleep in his mom's room that night, but now that some time has passed, the family feels lucky to have such a unique picture. Ayesha stated, "We're at the point now where we find the picture more exciting than scary. It's a rare catch I think. It turned into a bit of excitement where we thought, 'Wow, I can't believe we captured that.'"

Unable to explain the ghostly face, Ayesha shared it on Facebook. She said some of the commenters think it's fake but many others feel it is real. One believer wrote, "Obviously wants to play with your sons. So sad when the spirit is lost, bless her...brilliant. Thanks for sharing."

There is still no word on what is in the pic.