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Woman Shocked To See House Cleaner Wearing Her Clothes In TikTok Videos

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TikTok is full of all kinds of surprising videos, whether it is a broom floating in the air, a strange and deadly animal or a warning from a medical professional, but one woman had a different kind of surprise when she went on to scroll through the latest videos. She wound up seeing a clip by her house cleaner, which typically might not be such a big deal, except that the cleaner not only filmed the video in the woman's house, but she was wearing her belongings in it too.

The shocked homeowner took her story to Mumsnet where she stated that she has a TikTok account but only uses it to watch videos. She explained that the app sometimes shows her clips linked to her phone contacts and that's how she saw what she described as "multiple videos posted by my cleaner dancing, singing and wearing accessories (hat and sunglasses) in my bedroom." The woman added, "She's done this many times as she has different outfits on in each. She's sat on my bed, dancing in my mirror and posing with my hat (left out on a hanger) and sunglasses taken from my bedside table."

All the videos were filmed while the cleaner was being paid to tidy up. The homeowner noted, "She cleans once every two weeks for two hours and I leave her alone for one hour so she can get my office done as I WFH. I have found her so far trustworthy although she's damaged a few things I've mentioned to her." The woman then asks other the site how she should handle the situation.

A majority of the commenters suggested she fire the cleaner. One person wrote, "So she's posted your home on TikTok when she should be working? I'd let her go. That feels such a huge invasion of privacy," while another agreed, "That is a huge abuse of trust of course you should mention it to her. If she works for an agency I would tell them too as it's likely not just your home she does that in." Someone else bluntly said, "If this happened she wouldn't be my cleaner any more that's for damn sure."

A different cleaner even chimed in to say, "I'm a domestic cleaner for a living. This is an abhorrent abuse of both your trust and the time you're paying her for. This is gross misconduct and you should 100% forward the vids to her with a message stating I require my key to be returned within 24hrs, I no longer wish to use your services for obvious reasons."

The homeowner chose not to share the TikTok videos, saying, "I don’t really want to post the video because it has my flat in (very clearly, think in my bedroom with my furniture, clothes and family photos!) and also you can see her really clearly (obviously) too. I could give her TikTok account which is public but then I feel as bad as she is."

It seems like an easy decision, but the woman explained why she wanted to poll commenters, writing, "I was initially livid and then wanted to get opinions as good cleaners are like gold dust here. The original damage I didn’t pull her up on as just thought it was annoying but did tell her to be more careful with things and I thought she understood what I was getting at."

In the comments, the homeowner gave an update, saying, "She hasn't been in touch but I'd expect her to be in touch to sort the times for this week so hadn't text her yet. But I’ve now just messaged her with the video links asking her to delete them from her TikTok and to return my key this week."