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Angry 'Jeopardy' Fans Planning To Boycott The Show

Photo: Getty Images

It seems that ever since Alex Trebek passed away in late 2020, Jeopardy fans have been making a lot of noise on Twitter. While they had a lot to say about the various guest hosts who took a turn behind the podium, they have been most vocal about Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings, who had been sharing hosting responsibilities over the past few months, and last week, were named the permanent hosts of the show. Many fans were pleased with the news, but others were definitely not. In fact, they were so upset by it that they no longer will watch the show, and they made their plans known to all by announcing them on Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottJeopardy.

One angry fan wrote, "Will not be watching @Jeopardy until @KenJennings becomes the primary and only host. This switching stuff sucks! #BoycottJeopardy because they have idiots running it. What a mess," while another stated, "Great! I'll watch through December when Ken hosts. I will not watch any Jeopardy Mayim hosts." Another furious viewer said, "No one is thrilled to see Mayim co-hosting at all, if you'd listen to the people most of us preferred Ken as the full-time host over Mayim Bialik. Watch when viewership goes down when Mayim hosts & then goes up with Ken you guys will regret the co-host crap." Someone else added, "That woman drives me away from the show-and most others I know agree that she’s a mess as host," while another asserted, "We want Ken Jennings only! #BoycottJeopardy"

Of course, it isn't just Ken's fans that are upset, Mayim has her own followers who aren't thrilled she has to share the role with Jennings. One said, "Mayim is way better as a host. Ken is not a public speaker let alone a TV host. Trivia nerds and Twitter nerds are the only Jeopardy viewers that prefer Ken, which is a small segment of Jeopardy’s viewership." Another said, "[Mayim] has a far superior Jeopardy voice for reading clues like Alex did. That's why they picked Mayim." Someone else wrote, "IMO Mayim has much more fun hosting and Ken always finds a way to boast," while another gushed, "I think she's funny & cute & I love when she walks out! I love to look at her outfits and her hair I think she’s amazing!! And I don't understand all the hate for her!!!"

Not everyone is upset though. One viewers tweeted, "This is a winning hosting team that Alex [Trebek] would be so proud of. Jeopardy is more popular than ever and will have the brightest future including prime time."

When the new season of Jeopardy premieres next month, Ken will be hosting. He'll stay in the role through the end of the year. In January, Mayim will be back as host.